350W Electric E-Scooter, Powerful Long-Life Scooter Battery & Motor, Foldable Lightweight Segway with Digital Display for Adults and Teenagers, Strong LED Headlight for Nights

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MOVE AROUND QUICK AND EASY – Tired of getting stuck in traffic or being late? Our Keplin Electronic Scooter is exactly what you need so you can get around town with utmost ease. Reach your destination expediently with absolutely minimal effort!
HIGH POWER MOTOR – With a 350W Front Wheel Drive motor, this scooter can speed along most any terrain, maxing out at approx. 25 km/h, with a 2-gear transmission that will allow you to climb inclinations up to 20°, with a double brake system to help you stay safe even with such power
BRIGHT HEADLIGHT – Equipped with a bright 30W LED headlight to help you ride safely, you should have no issue staying visible while riding at night with our Keplin E-Scooter
HANDY APP & DIGITAL DISPLAY – This practical screen helps you keep track of everything needed while riding. Situated between the handles for your convenience, this allows you to see travel speed and distance as you are on the move. Also able to see with a phone app, allowing you to track the aforementioned stats or lock & unlock your scooter for use. Simply scan the QR code, download the app and then connect to your scooter using it via Bluetooth!
SPECIFICATIONS - Weight: 13.5 kg; Maximum Weight Supported: 120 kg; Battery life: up to 20-30 km each full charge; Charge Time: 3-4 hours; Single brake disc + Electronic brake; 8.5 inch tires; comes with European or British standard charger, Allen Key w/ 4 Mounting Screws, Manual

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